Saul Bass Animation

Sammie Kim
3 min readApr 8, 2020


C-Studio Project III

The goal of this project is to create a 2 minute video that tells the story of our design hero. Utilizing the actual voice of our designer, we have to incorporate motion into our images to enhance the energy through the time frame.


Collecting Video Clips

Original Clips of Saul Bass interviews:

A full playlist of Saul Bass videos

Inspirational Videos:

Editing Audio

Transcribing clips

  • I arranged key video scenes (pulled out pieces of interview quotes) in order to create a narration that flows
Translating the transcript of the videos into a concise script broken down into 5 major scenes
  • Once I started putting together the audio clips, I had to re-adjust the content and shuffle around the order (removed some repetitive content). It was challenging to figure out the music that can integrate well with the pace and personality of his voice.

Animation Process

Rough Storyboarding

Translating to Motion

Using my rough brainstorming sketch as my guide, I translated the images into digital form through illustrator. This was still the rough version as I was imagining how the character would actually look and how the overall story would flow.

Main Scene Transitions

One of the main challenges was figuring how to create smooth transitions between the actual films by Saul Bass and then my own animations. This required me to create linking scenes using motion to maintain the energy.

Using glasses as a bridge from Carmen Jones film to Bass in the theater
Typeface portraying the idea of “simplifying content”
Using the golden arm as a crevice for Bass to peep into
The word “storytelling” crumbles down
Transition from the spinning vertigo to the film reel
Ending with Bass looking back at all the title sequences he directed so far

Final Video

Final Saul Bass Video