Highland Centre Avenue

First Impression of the Street
The complex gothic architectural style really stood out among the surrounding buildings that were somewhat rusty, disheveled and plain. The church looks grand and imposing, as if floating in midair in its own island. I loved this silent peacefulness looking at the church, particularly how the rugged edges seem to pierce through the sky. This unique contrast between the ornate church and city life is what engaged me the most at the intersection.
Standing underneath the T Mobile shop, I immediately turn my head up. The numerous lights hanging across the buildings provide a romantic, warm, and moody atmosphere.
I attempted to capture the intersection point by climbing the stairs in the entrance of the T Mobile Shop. Without the church, I found this intersection quite dull and mundane. All the buildings are shaped in repetitive, geometrical forms in a long array.

Goal: Capturing the unique juxtaposition between the gothic church and modern looking buildings through simple shapes.

I looked at the church in different angles and perspectives (side view, bottom view, top view).
Standing from the top stairs at T- Mobile shop, I got a much better view of the church and the buildings at once. I decided to make my decision between these two last photographs. In the end, I chose the right photograph, as it felt a lot more stable and in focus with the church at the left and the buildings coming out forward; this layout provided a better angle for our eyes to understand each element. Also, I personally felt drawn into the diverse assortment of shapes and sizes of the buildings as well.
I first used tracing paper to simplify the structures of the church and buildings. Then, I made decisions on the order for overlapping the layers, which I then transferred onto the white paper to cut them on.
Reorganizing the structure of the church
Final Color Version



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