Junior Communications Studio II

How might we give use art and typography to promote public safety and transform the dangerous intersections in the community of Friendship, PA?

Problem Space: The intersection of Harriet Street, S Fairmount Street, and Roup Avenue often creates confusion for drivers and pedestrians with its unique layout of five entrances and irregularly shaped streetscape.

Goal: Create a vibrant intersection that addresses both pedestrian and vehicular issues (calm traffic with visual markers) & enhance the community’s identity and sense of place (storytelling)

Initial Research

  • Asphalt art: visual interventions on roadways (intersections and crosswalks), pedestrian spaces (plazas and sidewalks), and vertical infrastructure (utility boxes, traffic barriers, and underpasses).

Some past inspirations

Junior Communications Studio I

How might we design a digital communication campaign to educate & inspire young people in America to vote?

Initial Research

To vote means to:

  • reflection of our belief in and commitment to a democratic government.
  • citizen’s rights & duty to participate in electing leadership
  • becoming part of a collective influence (combined actions…

C-Studio Project III

The goal of this project is to create a 2 minute video that tells the story of our design hero. Utilizing the actual voice of our designer, we have to incorporate motion into our images to enhance the energy through the time frame.


Collecting Video Clips

Original Clips of Saul…

C Studio II Project 2

Curating the Life & Works of Saul Bass


C Studio II Project 1

Design Lecture Notes

Typesetting Notes

  • Adjust bad rags (Creating river along the side)
  • Avoid too many hyphens/same words in a row
  • Avoid orphans and widows
  • The leading between paragraphs should be half of the leading within the paragraph
  • 12~ 15 words in a sentence (smaller size text = narrower column)
  • Hang quotes and…

Communications Mini—Project 4


Sexy but powerful—Lust is a typeface that seduces the reader into each bold and lavish stroke. Resembling such beautiful bodily forms and movement, the typeface carries a lively energy that swirls across the page. As such, this animation project strives to dynamically portray the personality and visual…

C- Mini Project 3: Typeface

Initial Research:

My first impression of the Lust typography was a mix of surprise and mystery. Just like the name “Lust,” its seductive, curly strokes immediately pulled my attention. …

Communications Mini— Project 2

Brief Background on ReelAbilities

Initiated in New York 2007, ReelAbilities Film Festival was the first cinematic event held to shed light on the lives and voices of people with disabilities. Through the award-winning films, the festival brings the community together, promoting the shared human goals of inclusion and diversity.


Communications studio mini- Project 1


The goal is to understand grids and the layout of visual elements for the Roads and Track publication. Comparing both web and magazine, we will explore how information and graphics are systematically organized to fit the publication’s aim—to attract readers with updates on automobile designs, technology, accessories, and more.

Studio Project 4: Light Engines

Part 1: Exploring Lights

Exploring the various lights around campus, I realized how diverse their purposes were. Particularly, navigation lights were widespread, lighting up numerous pathways and cross sections. Sometimes light also portrayed a certain mood of a place; for example, in the Tepper building, the cool white light brought forth a modern, fresh…

Sammie Kim

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